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More About Starling Savannahs

How We Got Here

We offer home raised and quality personality. Savannah's personality are more like dogs then to cats. Currently only producing F2 and F3 Savananh's.

They are very active and fast. In my experience they jump onto the fridge no problem. They love having a peaceful walk on the leash.They love to meet new people but understands to only listen to the owner. They play games such as hide and seek, fetch, etc. You can teach them all sorts of tricks! They will also open doors, 🐱 so if you want privacy you will need child proof locks! Oh not to forget they are very vocal.

I am looking for incredible owners who will love them and take care of them very well. If you have other pets that is a plus! They will get along with any pets. 

Our kittens will come with:
-Registered Tica papers
-First set of vaccines
-Breeder life time support
-Contract between Buyer and Seller

About F3 Savannahs 

F3 savannah cats still have a good amount of Serval in their genes, but are much more well-rounded than F1 and F2 Savannahs. For someone who values personality and has small children, an F3 is the perfect choice. The F3 Savannah cat has 12.5% serval blood in them which means one of there great grandparents were a serval. They are very social cats and love meeting new people. Depending on there personality F3 savannahs will allow you to pick them up or will come to cuddle with you on its own.

About F2 Savnnahs

The F2 Savannah is the second generation with a serval blood ranging from 25-50%. They weigh from 15-25 lbs, females being on the lower side. They are extremely friendly and know exactly who the owner is. Introducing them to pets is best when they're kittens. The male characteristics resemble more of an F1. 



Nyssa F1 Savannah Cat

This is Nyssa, Starling Savannahs F1 Cat. She was born all the way in Florida from Drink Water Cats. She takes after her Serval father features. With an amazing personality she understands everything. She may not like being picked up, but will never hurt you although she may scare you. For an F1 female she is really big and tall.

Talia F2 Savannah Cat

Talia is our Female F2 Savannah Cat. Born in Tennessee she comes from MidSouth Savannahs. Her mother is a brown spotted Tabby savannah and father is a majestic savannah. She shows affection to everyone that comes over and loves to give kisses, she is not shy at all. She sounds like a real serval she does not meow. She eats almost anything from sour cream and chicken noodle soup but her favorite is boiled eggs.



Zorro F6 SBT Savannah

Zorro is our male F6 SBT Savannah cat. Born in Vancouver and later came to Toronto. His mom is a snow savannah. And father is a silver spotted tabby. He has a incredible personality! He starts off as a scaredy cat to new people and hides behind his owner. He is very talkative and understands what we say to him. He knows a bunch of tricks and learns them easily. He doesn’t like when the doors are closed and opens them without a problem. He jumps onto the fridge and loves to sit and watch over everyone at high places.


Max F7 SBT Savannah

Max is our F7 SBT Savannah cat. Born in Alberta. He is the life of the party. Very friendly and loves to play. He is great with other cats and looks after the kittens.


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Check out Savannahs_c.n on Instagram! She has purchased kittens in the past and is a fantastic owner!

Toronto, ON, Canada

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